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Our story

Following a surge in dialogue in the graphic arts industry as a whole, the Institute started its activities in a brand new building in May 1996. Its objectives were to meet the needs of an industry undergoing great change in a globalizing economy.

It was a considerable challenge, and to take it up, the ICI looked to recruit experienced men and women with a vision for the future. Driven by a desire to take action, go the extra mile and provide companies with better resources, they have developed tailored services for everyone along the graphic production line.

As a non-profit organization, the ICI has been equipped with cutting-edge equipment by the industry. It is quite exceptional for an establishment such as the ICI to be able to offer this standard of equipment solely for scientific and training purposes, and it brings undeniable added value to all the services that the Institute provides.

Training, information, tests, trials, research, analysis and competitive intelligence… everything is in place to support technological development and growth for all. With the creation of the ICI, the graphic arts sector gained an organisation that can approach change outside the constraints of production and take action to fulfil its needs.

Our mission

The Institute is a collegial technology transfer center, in graphic communications and printability, associated with Ahuntsic College. It supports businesses through innovation, research and training while supporting college education.

Our team

Our team consists of experts in their field of experience, devoted trainers, engineers specialized in printing, chemists and technicians, press operators, graphic artists and passionate professionals of the graphics industry.

We are your partners in progress!

Our team is able to observe, listen, analyze and recommend solutions for your business: training needs, productivity improvement, new materials or supplies, the Institute is the resources center for the Industry. No matter your project, we are here to support, solve, innovate, educate and inform the printed graphic communications market.

Chloé Bois

General Director and NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Functional Printed Applications Manufacturing

Chantale Dion, CPA

Financial Controller

Charlotte Gaudreault

Marketing Coordinator

Chuan Yi Chu

Laboratory Technologist

Clarence Allen

Project Manager - Formulation

Erica Tomassi

Research Assistant

Francis Laporte

Process Manager

Fyrial Ghozayel

Chemist – Assistant Director, Technical Services

Hélène Pageau

Director, Marketing, Conferences and Events

Jean-David Lebreux

Laboratory Technologist

Manon Héroux

Assistant Financial Controller

Mariane Beauchesne-Chrétien

Graphic Designer

Marie-Eve Huppé

Graphic Designer

Michael Rozel

Ink Formulator

Michel Martineau

Printing Technology Specialist

Mirko Torres

Project and Educational Transfer Manager

Ngoc Duc Trinh

Assistant General Director and Director, Research and Technical Services

Nora Chelfouh

Research Assistant

Pannah Ismael Yeo

Administrative Technician

René Beaulieu

IT Services Supervisor

Richard Lefebvre

Maintenance Supervisor

Yvonce Albert

Maintenance Worker

Our partners