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Multiprocess printing
(flexography, rotogravure and screen printing)

OMET Varyflex VF430 Multiprocess Printing Press

This narrow web label press with servomotors allows you to swap printing processes and drying / curing methods between all units to get the desired sequence to meet test requirements. This vital R&D tool is also used for flexographic printability testing and the development and industrialization of applications in printed electronics that are produced with multiple printing processes.

  • 5 printing stations
  • Processes: flexography (5 units), rotogravure (2 units) or rotary screen printing (2 units): one or more processes can be installed inline during a test
  • Inks: UV-curable, water-based, solvent based (our press is explosion proof)
  • 5 hot air-drying stations, 2 hot air rotogravure ovens, 3 UV lamps
  • Print repeat: 406.4 to 610 mm (16 to 24 po, flexo)
  • Width: up to 425 mm (16 ¾ po)
  • Substrates: paper, cardboard, plastic film, aluminum foil, multi-layer between 12 microns (½ mil, film) and 600 microns (24 pt, board)
  • Inline finishing: cutting, lamination, sheeting and slitting
  • Speed: 10 to 200 m/min (660 fpm)
  • Various types of anilox available (volumes between 2.2 bcm/1120 Lpi and 50 bcm/40 Lpi)
  • Flexo plates, print cylinders or rotary screens, adaptable to requirements

For more details, download the technical booklet for our Varyflex press or watch our press in action (french only).

Offset printing

The ICI’s offset presses support printability testing of coated and uncoated paper (on rolls or in sheets), and cardboard. The choice of offset inks, the printing and the content of the test form are adjusted to the properties of the substrate and the objectives of the test. The tests can be evaluated by visual analyses on press or by laboratory measurements.

Complementary analyses for print performance evaluation of paper:

  • Print quality from densitometric measures
  • Gloss measurement
  • Image analysis: quantification of mottle and print through
  • Collection and measurement of lint on rotary press
  • Collection and measurement of calcium carbonate on rotary press

HARRIS M110 Offset Rotary Press

  • 4 simultaneous duplex printing units
  • Heatset or coldset offset inks (without dryers)
  • Print repeat: 451 mm (17 ¾ po)
  • Substrate Width: up to 635 mm (25 po)
  • Paper substrates up to 104 g/m2 (or 70 lbs)
  • Folded sheet output
  • Automatic registering system
  • Speed up to 300 m/min
  • Densitometric and spot colour control carried out by IntelliTrax (XRite)

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74
Sheet-fed Offset Press

  • 5 printing units + 1 coating unit with metering roll (infrared drying)
  • Perfector
  • Sheet Format: up to 530 x 740 mm (20 x 29 po)
  • Substrate Thickness: 0.003 to 0.60 mm
  • Max. Speed: 15,000 sheets/h

Flat-bed screen printing

Ekra X1SL Semi-Automatic
Flat-Bed Screen Printing Press

This versatile press can test both conventional and electronic inks. It has a camera that allows a highly precise positioning of the substrate for overprinting. Thanks to our suppliers, we have access to a wide selection of screens to control the thickness of the ink film and resolution.

  • Max. recommended size for the printing area: 304 x 304 mm (12 x 12 po)
  • Max. substrate size: 460 x 460 mm (18 x 18 po)
  • Substrate: rigid or flexible with a thickness up to 30 mm (1,2 po)[MR1]
  • Registration precision: +/- 10 microns
  • Inks: solvent based, water-based or UV (offline hot air drying or UV drying)

Digital printing


Ricoh ProC7200sx Digital press

The impressive 5th colour—white, clear, neon yellow or neon pink toner—offers near unlimited options. This equipment can substrate thicknesses up to 360 g/m² (16 pt) and a size of 13 x 19 po or 13 x 27.5 in in banner format. It features a finishing unit with folding, booklet and one-side cutting in a size up to 11 x 17 in.

Ricoh Pro L5160e Wide Format Digital Press

Printing on all kinds of flexible substrates (vinyl, fabrics, self-adhesive paper) with latex technology. The Ricoh Pro L5160e Large Format offers hexachromic printing to enrich the colors (CMYK + Orange and Green). The roll can print up to 60 inches wide.

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