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Press release

Montreal, Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Board of Members of the Printability and Graphic Communications Institute announces the appointment of Ngoc Duc Trinh as Assistant General Director and Director of Research and Technical Services.

“Mr. Trinh has been a part of the ICI team for 6 years and has been Director of Research and Technical Services since 2021. He will therefore combine both roles, thanks to the multidisciplinary team that ICI forms,” explains Suzie Gaudreault, President of ICI’s Board of Members.

Nathalie Vallée, General Manager of Collège Ahuntsic, adds: “The Collège will certainly continue to support its technology transfer center, ICI, in the pursuit of its innovative and business support mandates. We welcome Ngoc Duc to the position of Assistant General Manager and Director of Research and Technical Services.”

“It is with great pleasure that I have agreed to assist Chloé Bois.  We’ve been working together for 6 years now to develop our consulting and research services to meet the needs of the industry, and I am proud to continue to move ICI forward with the whole team at the Institute,” adds Mr. Trinh.

About ICI :

The Institute is a collegial technology transfer center, in graphic communications and printability, associated with Collège Ahuntsic. It supports businesses through innovation, research and training while supporting college education.

About Collège Ahuntsic :

Collège Ahuntsic is more than just a place to study: it’s a stimulating, enriching and lively environment that reflects its community. Our success and strength are based on a unique blend of rigor, knowledge, tradition, experience, sharing and fun.


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